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PostSubject: Celestia Bellamy   Celestia Bellamy I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 09, 2019 6:29 pm

Age: 18
Height: 5’
Hair: White Blonde
Eyes: Gray
Complexion: Fair
Forte: Alchemy
Grimoire: Astral Projection (Accessed through inhaling a potion)
Constellation: Libra

With a final survey of the wheat fields beyond the secluded shack I closed the shutters. Enveloping myself in the darkness and solitude that I had been craving more than anything since I had heard the news a fortnight ago. Finally free to think I made my way across the room to the northern most corner, as I had done so many times before. I collapsed to my knees before the small, wooden bench that had been left behind by previous tenants so many years ago and struck a match to light what remained of the white candle centered before me. Staring into the flame I felt my muscles release their tension, and my mind began to wonder. I close my eyes, and suddenly I’m overcome with memories of the first time I sat in this spot...

“It’s only a small ways away by now, just around this bend of trees darling.” The petite blonde woman placed her hand reassuringly on my back, encouraging me to press on. Almost out of breath I trudged along the overgrown path, wary of the broken roots and sharp rocks breaching the dirt beneath my feet. I readjusted the heavy basket in my arms, shifting the weight from one side to the other, determined to reach the hidden treasure my mother promised me.
Rounding the last of the trees obstructing the view, I took in the sights. The woods opened up onto a farm, with fields extending far past the horizon. I imagined that they might have stretched to the ends of the earth, but I was not there that day to find out. A strong gust of air rushed through me back into the woods, sending a single magpie soaring from a precariously sat branch. The magpie held my attention until mother spoke again, “My love, please. We’re almost there, look just to the east.”

Nestled along the tree line, was a small shack. It was simple, and if I hadn’t been looking for it I would have easily missed it. My seven year old legs carried me towards it as quickly as possible in pursuit of my mother. Inside it was dark, the door didn’t let in much light, and the only window was boarded up. From what I could see everything had a layer of dirt on it, and clouds of dust filled the air. “This used to be Aunt Morgan’s home. You wouldn’t remember her, she passed away long before you were even a conceived thought.” She took the basket from my hands and retrieved a small tinder box, and 4 candles. “Aunt Morgan taught me a lot of things in this house, and now I’d like to pass along the favor to you.”
I watched silently, with intent as my mother rolled up the sleeves on the purple dress we had made together, and tied her long silvery waves back into a knot on her head. “Come, my love,” she beckoned, “we must start with a fire.”

We spent the rest of the morning restoring what was left of the decidedly dilapidated structure. Dusting, sweeping, wiping, and rearranging the furniture. Mother taught me songs to pass the time as we worked. When the sun was high in the sky we stopped to eat the picnic we had prepared that morning. While we ate I was prepared for my first lesson.

“My love, it is time you know what you are here to learn.” My mother took my hand and matched my gaze to ensure that I grasped the significance of what she was about to say, “You do not know this but the Gods have blessed our family with gifts.” I watched her eyes close, as she exhaled a breath which seemed as though she had been holding in for a lifetime. “I know that you know, from your studies the power of the Gods. And the gifts they can bestow upon the mortals they deem worthy.”
She paused again. “Aunt Morgan was a holy woman, and a loving person. Because of this the Gods chose her to bestow secrets. Secrets she has passed down to me, and now I to you.”
I opened my mouth to speak. I had so many questions I didn’t know where to begin. Before I could formulate a sentence mother cut me off and continued, “This house will be where we meet. However, my darling, to learn these secrets is a great responsibility. It is one you must keep to yourself. You must promise me now, that you will not tell a soul. Until it comes time for your daughter to continue tradition.”
“Yes Mama, I promise.”
“Good. Then finish your food, and we will begin.” She smiled, and wiped a crumb from my cheek.

With full bellies we sat by the fire in front of a small wooden bench. One by one mother lit 4 candles and placed them in a square. Starting in the direction of the rising sun, and proceeding counterclockwise. She taught me a new prayer, to provide an offering for the Gods, and what she called “inner reflection” to find the Gods within myself. She explained that this is only the beginning, and very soon I will have abilities beyond my imagination.

When the sun was low in the sky we began heading back home. With significantly less luggage the trip went by much quicker. On the way back she reiterated how important it was to keep my gifts a secret. Others, not as devout, would be jealous and spiteful. It was a matter of safety, she said. Then she smiled, a warm smile that made me feel as safe as lying in her arms, and she told me that it would all be worth it in the end.

...I opened my eyes and my candle was burning low. I laid in front of it a saucer of liquor and a plate of fruit, and began to pray.
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Celestia Bellamy
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